Manifest Editor

Import a manifest file


This form will help you modify the metadata of your lectures. The metadata is used to find your lecture when a search is performed on fitness AgroParisTech. The more accurate your metadata is, the easier it will be to find your lectures.
The form is separated in two steps.
In Step 1, you have a set of fields that you can modify at your convenience. In order to have homogeneous fields values, whenever it is necessary, there is a suggestion text as well as some examples.
In Step 2, you can save your modifications for a lecture. In step 2, you also have the detailed way to proceed in order to upload your file online.

Step 1


Write a title between and characters

Suggested number of characters: /
characters minimum
Difficulty level:

Write a part name in lower case followed by a number.

  • part1
  • part2

List authors' names using the following format: first-name middle-name last-name or first-name last-name. Separate each author by a comma ","

  • Andrea Mia Ghez
  • GĂ©rard Albert Mourou
  • Barbara Liskov, Andrea Mia Ghez

Write an abstract between and words

Suggested number of words: /
words minimum

Write between and topics in lower case letters. Separate each topic by a comma ",".

  • wood
  • wood, biodegradable
Suggested number of topics: /
topic minimum

Some keywords might have been generated automatically. You can write between and keywords. Separate each keyword by a comma ",".

Suggested number of keywords: /
keywords minimum

To help you choose a license, click on this license chooser link. Follow the instructions and answer the questions to generate a recommended license. Then, copy the licence name and paste it in the field below. On the license chooser website, the license name is generated on the right. A license name is similar to what is in the red rectangle on this picture.

License chooser with red rectangle showing license name
  • CC-BY
  • CC-BY-NC
  • CC-BY-ND

More information about creative common licenses: creative common licenses

Lecture URL:

Step 2

When you are satisfied with your modifications, you can click the "Save modifications" button. This button will allow you to download a file containing all your modifications for this lecture. You can then follow this procedure to upload your metadata file online.