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What is the quiz creator tool? What are the benefits of using this tool?

The quiz creator tool is a tool that allows you to create quizzes. We searched and looked at the free tools that existed and that could fit our needs, we did not find a tool flexible enough to meet our needs, so we created one.

Here are the main features of this tool:


You can access the quiz creator tool interface on line by clicking here. You can modify the questions templates using this on line tool.


You can download the quiz creator tool here. Unzip the file to get access the quiz creator tool content.



Quiz creator tool examples

Here are some examples of what you can achieve using this tool:



How to use it?



Summary of the video:


How do I view my quiz? Just open the index.html file.


How to modify and configure my quiz? You just have to modify the src/config.js file using the available variables. You can see all the available variables in the src/documentation/readme.html file. By modifying the configuration (src/config.js file), the index.html file will directly reflect the configuration changes.


Are there any examples of configuration files ready? Examples that I can use as inspiration? Yes, there are existing configuration files in the src/documentation/config-examples folder. To test the configuration files of these folders, you can simply copy their content and paste it in the src/config.js file.



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