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[DIR]after_lifting_lockdown/2020-05-01 22:07 - Daily COVID-19 forecast (experimental AS IS)
[DIR]CF19sim/2020-05-07 13:51 - Outbreak simulated as a diffusion-controlled reaction (experimental)
[DIR]data/2021-03-31 05:21 - COVID-19 raw and prefetch data
[DIR]map/2021-03-31 01:15 - COVID-19 maps (updated daily)
[DIR]obsolete/2020-05-27 19:51 - obsolete analyses
[DIR]simulation/2021-03-31 05:20 - COVID-19 forecasts (updated daily)
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Open-source COVID-19 Forecast (C19F). Pandemic COVID-19 spreads at an unprecedented pace, travelling with people and sparing no country. The experimental project C19F tracks and reports the outbreak on a daily basis. Please read the description file and the disclaimer.
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